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Rob is currently working as a graphic and visual designer at DirectPath, a healthcare software and transparency company currently servicing almost a million people. He went to Syracuse University where he majored in illustration while taking several courses in graphic design. During the summers preceding his sophomore and senior years he further studied graphic design at Boston-based digital marketing agency Genuine Interactive. Following graduation he proceeded as a freelance designer and illustrator until his eventual hiring. He has done professional work in logo design, web and mobile UX design, animation storyboarding, web prototyping, magazine advertising, advertising consulting, merchandising, wedding stationary, and signage. He has also taken several courses in UI/UX at General Assembly and Aquent Gymnasium alongside his freelance work in order to broaden the scope of his design proficiency.


Rob is proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop CC 13, Illustrator CC 13, InDesign CC 13, Acrobat), Sketch, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), UXPin, Audacity, SketchUp, digital photography, and a little bit of guitar. He also told me to tell you he loves comedy podcasts, Radiohead, and a good dog.